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Quick reminder of our key services

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

In most cases, we start the development process from a fully polished specification and acceptance criteria's. If you don't have it - not a problem, we will do that for you with the highest attention to details. We will create an agile user story for each feature and interaction, then verify it with you. When everyone will be on the same page - we kick off the development.

iOS Development

iOS development

Development and design for iOS platform is our key expertise. Our developers have successfully implemented a lot of iOS projects during the last year. We have a great experience with various 3rd party API integrations like Google maps, Stripe, Facebook and much more. We do the development with Objective-C and Swift

Back-End and Infrastructure

Back-End and Infrastructure

We provide full server side development service. We could build a beautiful API following the best REST practices and deploy it wherever you like. AWS, Heroku or Digital Ocean. To boost development pace we use existing admin panels like Django, but we could create a custom one panel for you with Angular or react.js. We build our API's using Node.js and Python

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